Safer People in a Safe System Approach

A Safe System approach is successful when it has safer people. A Safe System of mobility needs to encourage safe, responsible behavior by people who use our roads and create conditions that prioritize their ability to reach their destination unharmed. 

The resources and programs below will help you do that on the job, at home, and wherever you need or want to go.

The National Safety Council supports an environment of safer people through a variety of programming, communications and resources. Learn more and explore our efforts in this space:

● DriveitHOME, a safe driving program for parents of new drivers
● Safe Driving Toolkit, free resources to help employers protect their workers on the road
● DDC, NSC Defensive Driving Courses
● Additional safety topics: child passenger safety, distracted driving, fatigued driving
Employer traffic safety

The Safe System Approach Chart

Read more about the Safe System approach.

Learn more about the National Safety Council's position on the following topics:

● Equity in Transportation
● Safe System Approach
● Distraction on the Roadways
● Vulnerable Road Users
Drowsy Driving

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