Newly Revised! Professional Truck Driver Online Course 5th Edition

Heavy truck and tractor-trailer drivers have more workplace fatalities than any other occupation, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Our newly revised 4-hour Professional Truck Driver (PTD) Online Course addresses the most common causes of truck-related crashes and provides the knowledge and defensive driving techniques to educate drivers to make safe and lawful decisions.

Whether you are a new motor carrier just starting out or an established company with years of experience, safety is good for your business. Good safety practices can save lives, reduce injuries, and improve your bottom line.

Take a closer look at the topics covered in the course.

This leading-edge program delivers the most relevant information involving truck-related incidents and driving maneuvers with a high level of learner interactivity. With the added feature of adaptive curriculum, content adjusts to the driver's profile, type of vehicle driven, risk-level and driving conditions, providing personalized, scenario-based training that lets them reflect on their own driving experiences and challenges.

This enhanced level of interactivity and hazard recognition challenges work effectively at multiple stages during the driver training process – from new hire to post-incident and refresher training.

Learn more about the course and find out how NSC can establish a personalized Online Training website for your organization with the purchase of 100 or more course registrations.

Sneak Peak: Preview the Course