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ASP, CSP and ASP+CSP Connect Exam Prep Online

You can gain a competitive edge in your field by earning the Associate Safety Professional and Certified Safety Professional certifications. Both designations tell prospective employers you have the necessary qualifications to be a top safety professional.

To help you prepare for the ASP/CSP Certification exams, the National Safety Council, in partnership with the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP), is offering online, interactive pre-exam training programs for both certifications.

ASP and CSP examCORE will provide you with the background, knowledge and skills to successfully complete the certification exams. Each course includes an authorized BCSP calculator and six months of access to:

  • More than 40 learning modules
  • 1,000 practice questions each
  • An eBook subscription to Safety Professional’s Reference and Study Guide by Dr. W. David Yates

ASP+CSP examCORE Connect combines the examCORE ASP and CSP into one convenient and cost-effective program. Prepare the right way for both the ASP and CSP exams. This online, self-paced course provides in-depth information on each area of the ASP and CSP Blueprints, saves you study time, and will enable you to effectively put safety and health principles to work in your organization. The training features a pre- and post-assessment, along with learning modules built to help you succeed in your journey towards certification. ASP+CSP Connect includes an authorized BCSP calculator and nine months of access to:

  • More than 80 learning modules
  • 2,000+ practice questions
  • An eBook subscription to Safety Professional’s Reference and Study Guide by Dr. W. David Yates

In addition, by purchasing ASP, CSP or ASP+CSP Connect examCORE from NSC, you get valuable extras such as:

  • A one-year digital subscription to Safety+Health Magazine, which can help you earn re-certification points
  • Special pricing on NSC Press hardcopy books found in the ASP Blueprint References or CSP Blueprint References (on top of NSC member pricing)
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Features of New CSP and ASP+CSP Connect

Features ASP/CSP examCORE NSCU Exclusive ASP or CSP examCORE + E-Book Bundle*

6 month access to examCore course



9 month access to ASP+CSP examCore Connect courses



E-book subscription to Safety Professional’s Reference & Study Guide



One-year digital subscription to Safety+Health Magazine



Discounts on hard copy NSC Press books



6 month access via computer or mobile device to all NSC Press eBooks in ASP/CSP Blueprint






*NSC Member Discount Available

Benefits of Certification

Certification demonstrates competency in your field and shows that you have met standards established by your peers. Certified professionals are more likely to be hired and receive more promotions and leadership assignments than those who do not hold certification. To see what ASP and CSP certifications could do for you, see the BCSP Salary Survey.