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Donor Spotlight

U.S. Steel

Founded in 1901, U. S. Steel Corp. is one of the leading steel producers and a dedicated partner the National Safety Council. The Pittsburgh-based company holds “Safety First” as one of its primary ethical principles for its more than 24,000 employees. A proud member of the Campbell Institute, U. S. Steel has supported NSC in everything from our Green Cross Celebration to our SAFER efforts and more. 

U. S. Steel has contributed philanthropically to some of the Council’s most innovative, crucial work. One of the ways U. S. Steel has supported NSC is through our SAFER initiative. SAFER has aimed to help employers prioritize safety throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, including return to work plans and vaccine policies. U. S. Steel has also advocated for psychological safety, through both their support for NSC and their own 360° Safety initiative. This advocacy will help businesses understand and prioritize the mental, social and emotional health of their workers. For the last two years, the company has also served as presenting sponsor for the annual Green Cross Celebration, which raises funds for NSC while celebrating the best and brightest in safety. 

The executive team at U. S. Steel has continually demonstrated a commitment to workplace safety and health through their actions and involvement with NSC. Bob Rudge, chief safety and security officer for U. S. Steel, sits on the Work to Zero Advisory Council and serves as an NSC Delegate. U. S. Steel President and CEO David B. Burritt has been an NSC board member since 2018, and was named one of the 2022 CEOs Who “Get it” by NSC. This yearly recognition goes to safety leaders who have gone the extra mile to keep their employees safe, both on and off the job.  

As both an organization and individuals, U. S. Steel and its executive team members have shown an unwavering commitment to not only the National Safety Council, but to the important mission of saving lives, from the workplace to anyplace.


Nationwide became an NSC member in 1949, and since then has served as a strong philanthropic supporter of NSC. Most recently, the Ohio-based company has focused on initiatives that seek to address substance use. Since its launch in 2017, Nationwide has served as an active promoter of the Substance Use Cost Calculator, an NSC tool designed to provide businesses with information on the costs of substance use in their workplace. In 2019, Nationwide made a three-year commitment to support this resource with a donation of $195,000. Funding from the company has also helped support the NSC Mental Health Employer Cost Calculator, a much-needed resource during the last few years. 

But Nationwide has not stopped there. In addition to its commitment to NSC, Nationwide has also launched its own robust safety initiatives. In 2019, the company was honored with the Green Cross for Safety Excellence Award in recognition of its Substance Use Response Plan, a program that provides monthly training to educate leaders on impairment and keeps Nationwide workplaces substance free. 

Through its support of NSC and the innovative application of its own training, Nationwide is helping employers recognize and respond to substance use and employees’ well-being. 

Learn more about how the Substance Use Cost Calculator and the Mental Health Employer Cost Calculator can keep your workplace safe.

Schneider Electric

As a global leader in energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability, Schneider Electric has generously supported the NSC life-saving mission, as well as many of our flagship events, for over a decade. Its global business strategy includes emphasizing safety and sustainability as part of the business DNA, and effective employee engagement continues to enhance its strong workplace culture. Schneider Electric’s journey has been recognized with the prestigious Robert W. Campbell award. The company became a Campbell Member with the inception of the Campbell Institute, the global center for environmental, health and safety excellence.

In 2011, the organization received the Green Cross for Safety medal and went on to sponsor the Green Cross for Safety Excellence award from 2016-2019. As the new and exclusive sponsor of the Campbell Institute Executive Forum at the NSC 2021 Safety Congress & Expo, Schneider Electric continues to engage and support thought leadership around risk, reliability and resilience, as well as sharing learnings from other world-class organizations around the topmost EHS challenges, continuous improvement and implementation strategies. A commitment to safety excellence has become part of the Schneider Electric legacy, one it continues to support today as an Advisory Council member for the Work to Zero Initiative, which is focused on eliminating workplace fatalities through the use of innovative technology.

We are grateful for Schneider Electric’s continued partnership and support, from the workplace to anyplace.


Every day, tens of thousands of Amazon associates come to work, ready to obsess over customers. Associates come from various backgrounds and work environments and have varying types of knowledge and experience when it comes to workplace ergonomics and overall health and wellness. Amazon saw a unique opportunity to innovate for their first customers, their associates. Amazon had a bold vision to support their associate’s personal wellbeing and to be world leaders in workplace health and wellness.

As part of an effort to strive for a zero workplace-related injury environment, Amazon created WorkingWell, a new Workplace Health and Safety & Operations enterprise program consisting of many components that aim to educate and engage associates on injury prevention, health and wellness. The program works to educate and empower all Amazonians on ways to “Work Well” at home, as well as at work, while also building a culture of safety focused on the health and wellbeing of all Amazonians.

In the coming months, you will have the opportunity to hear from some of Amazon’s WorkingWell Women in Safety as they speak about new initiatives within the program, including training and conditioning, neighborhood health centers, as well as mental health initiatives.

NSC thanks Amazon for its generous support as a presenting sponsor of the Women in Safety effort, which provides events, recognition and scholarship opportunities to support women in safety and educate all safety professionals on issues that affect the female workforce disproportionately.

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