Don’t Miss 'The Experience in Seeing Safety'

At NSC Congress & Expo Oct. 22-24

NSC presents a breakthrough in safety performance – new tools to prevent incidents, improve safety communications and more! Developed by the Center of Visual Expertise (COVE), in collaboration with the Toledo Museum of Art, these interactive exercises will teach you to see differently and apply new skills to key elements of your own safety program.

"One of the root causes of workplace injuries and incidents is failing to identify hazards that are present or that could have been anticipated. A proactive, ongoing process to identify and assess hazards is critical for an effective safety and health program."

– Doug Pontsler, Chairman, the Campbell Institute

Hazards: Impossible to Avoid if You Don’t 'See' Them

Hazards are so complex and diverse, it takes more than common sense to find and deal with them. They are introduced over time as workstations and processes change, equipment or tools become worn, maintenance is neglected or housekeeping practices decline.

SEE the whole PICTURE®

As much as 90% of what you think you "see" is actually your brain filling in the blanks based on memory and past experience, according to neuroscience and research. Making quick assumptions and overlooking what's right in front of you will often lead to preventable errors.

The elements of art and design – color, line, shape, space, texture, balance, movement, proportion and harmony – are invaluable tools in the workplace. Visual literacy is a proven approach to processing visual information more efficiently. It provides structured, step-by-step methodology so you can "see" better, and therefore identify, interpret and interact with your environment based on clear, accurate visual information.

Organizations looking to improve environmental health and safety processes already have adopted this approach to enhance hazard recognition, incident investigation and pre-job safety analysis, while decreasing incident rates and saving time. Train your team to engage more safely at your workplace with visual literacy.

Learn more at Booth #2735 at NSC Congress & Expo Oct. 22-24, 2018, in Houston.

To learn more about Visual Literacy and COVE’s approach to improving observational ability for workplace safety improvement, download the latest white paper, Seeing the Gaps in Your Safety Program.