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Learn, Network, Engage: Professional Safety Network Division Meetings

At the NSC Spring Professional Safety Network Divisions meetings, you'll rub shoulders and talk shop with the best and brightest safety professionals from around the country. You may also meet you next business partner, sponsor, client or mentor.

The combined mid-year meetings will be held April 28-May 1 at the Intercontinental Hotel, Kansas City, Missouri. Division meetings, combined education sessions and technical tours provide varied opportunities to learn, network and engage, all while enhancing safety skills, sharing ideas and goals for the future, and meeting and networking with those with shared interests. Register today!

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As an NSC Member and NSC Chapter Member benefit, you have access to eight professional safety networks known as Divisions, which provide education, networking and engagement opportunities throughout the year. Some of the many benefits of joining a Division include the ability to:

  • Network with safety professionals around the world
  • Share best practices to promote safety at your organization
  • Use your expertise to help advance the mission of the National Safety Council
  • Gain opportunities to spread the word about safety in your community
  • Participate in in-person meetings and education sessions, monthly webinars, quarterly Division conference calls
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NSC Divisions

NSC has a Division for most every interest and industry, and all NSC members are encouraged to join a Division that aligns with their expertise. What networks fit your needs?

  • Alcohol, Drugs & Impairment: Members include toxicologists, sociologists, physicians, pharmacologists, legislators, law enforcement officials, educators, chemists, attorneys and other professionals involved in the study or control of alcohol, drugs and impairment
  • Business & Industry: Includes representatives of 20 major industries, including automotive, chemical, rubber and plastics, food and beverage, mining, retail and more
  • Construction & Utilities: A network of builders, contractors, labor representatives, regulators, designers, insurance and utility professionals
  • Government & Public Sector: Incudes representatives of federal, state, county and municipal governments, as well as military leaders
  • Labor: Composed of government regulators and local and international union leaders from the US and Canada
  • Transportation Safety: Members include safety leaders representing highway, school bus and commercial transportation – air, land and water
  • Women's Caucus: A network of women working in the safety field, regardless of industry or affiliation; the Women’s Caucus is open to members and non-members alike
  • Young Professionals: Includes individuals from each of the previously listed Divisions, all younger than 45
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