Safety Shorts Video Series

The NSC Young Professionals Division created this video series aimed at those new to the safety profession, whether fresh from college or several years into a career. Share on social media to help answer questions common to new safety professionals. Safety experts will dive deeper into specific safety topics as the series continues. Check back to this page over the coming weeks, as new Safety Shorts will be added regularly.

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Looking for some inspiration on what to talk about in your Safety Shorts video? Check out these topics. Safety Shorts also can cover off-the-job health, safety and wellness topics. These lists of upcoming features in Family Safety & Health magazine and Safety+Health magazine can serve as inspiration.

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NSC has a division for most every interest and industry, and all NSC members are encouraged to join a Division that aligns with their expertise. Network with other safety professionals, share best practices, participate in education sessions. What networks fit your needs?

My Best Day

YouTube Video

Michael Wahl shares what gets him up in the morning and drives his enthusiasm for safety.

Most Challenging Part

YouTube Video

Safety industry mainstay Teresa Cole discusses the most challenging part of her career.

Deep Dive Into Safety

YouTube Video

Safety leader Mike Wahl explains the difference in a worker being safe or not.

Out of Breath

YouTube Video

Keeping workers safe is a personal mission for Ken Morris. He explains why.

Found Her Calling

YouTube Video

Former bureaucrat Rose McMurray finds her passion in an unexpected place.

Choosing Safety

YouTube Video

Experienced safety leader Teresa Cole explains why she chose a safety career in 1983.

Knowledge is Power

YouTube Video

Joanne Marrone-Joyce gives young female safety pros tips on how to survive in a male dominated industry.

Setting the Agenda

YouTube Video

Keith Prendergast is proud of the fact that some of his students have helped save lives.

Extroverted Extrovert

YouTube Video

Safety seat technician Amanda Horner reveals her favorite thing about being a safety expert.

Wild Accidents? 

YouTube Video

Longtime safety professional David Daniels explains why he made safety his career.

People, Profits, Safety

YouTube Video

Labor leader Travis Parsons wants all management to view safety as their biggest asset.

Steer a Big Ship

YouTube Video

Former electrician Avi Ganesh explains why he made the career change to safety.

Boots on the Ground

YouTube Video

Kris Chipman explains why safety is a great field for extroverts, even if you are an accidental safety professional.

The Right Tools

YouTube Video

Safety instructor Jason Doty doesn't just pass along information to his students.

Talk TO Me Not AT Me

YouTube Video

Union leader Les Johnson wants workers to understand the safe way to do things.

They Weren't Listening

YouTube Video

Traffic safety expert Amanda Horner on how to get companies to hear your message.

Keep it Simple

YouTube Video

Joe Grabinski says sincerity and relationship building is paramount in the safety field.

Make it Your Own

YouTube Video

Safety Manager Joe Mokrisky explains how he found his direction in the safety field.

The Safety Cascade

YouTube Video

Chris Osterhaut of Crowley Maritime describes what he enjoys most about safety as a career.

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