Workers' Memorial Day is April 28

Remember Those We've Lost, Pledge to Work Safely

The number of preventable workplace deaths increased 5% in 2022, totaling 4,695. Fatalities should never be the cost of doing business. In recognition of Workers' Memorial Day on April 28, please join NSC in remembering those who have died in preventable workplace incidents.

The Council urges Americans to take the Safe at Work Pledge to prioritize safety at work and dedicate that pledge to those who have been killed in preventable workplace incidents. 

NSC encourages companies to prioritize efforts in addressing the leading causes of workplace fatalities through evidence-based and effective risk management strategies, including consulting NSC resources

The NSC Survivor Advocate Network is a community of individuals and families whose lives have been forever changed by an injury or fatality at home, work and on the road. Learn more, hear their stories, or join the Survivor Advocate Network

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