Busy safety practitioners often ask themselves three questions:

  1. How do I convince management of the need for a change in safety?
  2. What are the safety best practices for a specific topic?
  3. How do I get my company’s safety performance to improve?

The National Safety Council believes that every safety professional should have access to data to help build their business case for a change in safety as well as understand what the research says about how safety impacts businesses positively.

We also believe that safety best practices shouldn’t be a secret. We learn from our member companies what works and how they’ve tackled tough safety issues like compliance, safety leadership, employee engagement, risk reduction or measuring safety performance.

Finally, to evolve safety to the next level, NSC believes that companies should adopt a safety management system. This adds rigor to oversight and measurement of safety, involves management in supporting it, ensures a ready workforce, and helps identify, prepare for and control workplace risks.

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