NSC Distinguished Service to Safety Award

The Distinguished Service to Safety Award (DSSA) is the most prestigious award given to individuals by the National Safety Council in recognition of outstanding service and contribution in the field of Safety. The NSC Awards Committee has established the following guidelines to facilitate the nomination process for this award program.

Scope: The DSSA is designed to reward those individuals who have had a sustained impact on safety on a local, national or international scope. The nature of the contribution should reflect exceptional service resulting in more effective or increased levels of injury and/or illness prevention, or assistance in furtherance of these goals. This may also include advancement of safety theory and research.


  • Will be considered from members and non-members of NSC
  • Eligible nominees will have at least twenty years of experience in a safety related field
  • Active engagement in safety, either paid or unpaid, within the past five years
  • Retirees are eligible to be nominated, within two years of their retirement


  • Made impact on safety (international, national or local). Impact can include affecting culture change around safety within an organization or locale; developing and implementing safety protocols previously lacking in an organization or industry; or public campaigns or advocacy with measurable success in affecting safety awareness and individual behavior.
  • Made significant and outstanding contributions to safety. Contributions can include innovations, research or other academic pursuits impacting safety.

ADID/CAOD Member Recipients

 Marilyn A. Huestis (2021)

 J. Mack Cowan (2018)

 Lowell C. Van Berkom (1997)

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