Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Safety

NSC Report, Webinar Underscore DEI Benefits

The connection between diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and business performance has been studied for many years, uncovering the wide range of benefits that emerge when employers foster inclusion, address local and systemic inequities, and diversify the workforce, from senior leadership to the shop floor.

DEI is composed of three, and sometimes four when including accessibility, separate but interconnected concepts. The term DEI implies combined strategies, initiatives, programs, policies and practices designed to include in workplaces people of various backgrounds – particularly those who have been historically and systemically excluded or oppressed – and ensure they have the support needed to equitably perform to the fullest of their abilities.

NSC, in partnership with and funded by Lloyds Register Foundation, seeks to address this critical challenge by embarking on a first-of-its-kind examination of the state of DEI and safety.

A synthesis of literature review, surveys, interviews and stakeholder engagement contributed to developing a model for DEI-Informed safety. The intent of this model is not to be all-encompassing, but to provide a framework and language to describe the various levels of observed maturity, motivation, engagement, understanding of and best practices related to DEI and safety. This model integrates and illustrates:

● Organizational comprehension of DEI and safety (low to high)
● Organizational engagement, including general stakeholders and executives
● Categorizations defining the extent of DEI integration in safety (compliance to culture)
● Associated best practices uncovered through literature and practitioner insights

Webinar: Key Highlights, Findings and Recommendations

Details of the New Value of Safety Model, Recommended Actions

This research will help enable businesses to address safety holistically and mitigate risks from multiple directions. We encourage you to use it to inform your safety strategy going forward.

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