Vaccines: Employer Guidance

Employers who provide clear and accurate COVID-19 vaccination information and establish comprehensive policies can help increase vaccine uptake among workers. 

Employers also can choose to require the vaccine for employees. The Department of Justice recently issued opinion that states federal law does not prohibit such a requirement. Read the opinion here.

SAFER Vaccine Requirement Guide

SAFER Spectrum of Vaccine Requirements (infographic)

Vaccine Requirement Case Studies

COVID-19 vaccines are the safest and most effective way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and reduce severe illness and death. High workforce vaccination rates ensure a safer atmosphere compared to a workforce with low vaccination rates. The SAFER team at NSC is introducing a case study series that looks at businesses of different sizes to share lessons learned from implementing vaccine requirements. Read the following case studies:

National Safety Council

United Airlines

Meteorite - Get the Meteorite Case Study Snapshot

Promoting Confidence and Addressing Barriers

Promoting confidence in the vaccine and addressing potential barriers to vaccination leads to more people getting vaccinated and fewer illnesses and deaths.

● As we continue to navigate the pandemic, the SAFER team at NSC has provided recommendations for employers to continue to ensure safety in their workplaces. Use this guidance to help "future-proof" your operations against new developments in the pandemic and beyond.

● Health Action Alliance and the National Safety Council created Safely Reopening Workplaces: A Decision Tool for Employers, an interactive guide to help employers navigate complicated issues related to reopening physical workplaces; it offers the latest health, legal and other considerations to guide planning and decision-making

● Testing for COVID-19 in the workplace is an integral step to preventing infections; this testing document (also in Spanish) provides guidance on different types of testing, testing results and NSC recommendations for employers

● As more and more COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, questions continue to arise on how to safely expand operations. Check out these tip sheets on topics employers should consider:
COVID-19 Variants
Mixed Vaccinated Workforces
Hybrid Workforces
Masking Policies
OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard for the Healthcare Industry
Additional Safety Concerns as Operations Expand

● Check out our 10 Critical Recommended Actions for Employers guidance and infographic, identified through our research and conversations with employers, workers and policymakers

● Guide your vaccine strategy development with this framework, in English and Español

● Review the Spectrum of Employer Vaccine Approaches in English and Spanish for a summary of the various risk-based vaccine approaches

● Check out this Question Guide as you develop your organization’s comprehensive vaccine plan, in English and Español

● View this COVID-19 vaccine federal guidance for occupations

● Reference guidance about COVID-19 and the ADA, the Rehabilitation Act and Other EEO Laws here

● Ensure your organization is establishing sustainable safe operations for employers and workers as you continue to navigate what the world of work looks like as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic with a variety of general and sector-specific playbooks in both English and Español

● Explore what COVID-19 risk your business still faces with this FREE tool

Antigen Testing

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on May 4, 2021, released Antigen Testing for Screening in Non-healthcare Workplaces - A Tool to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19. This printable fact sheet provides information about antigen testing, test results, reporting results and test frequency to help employers make informed choices. 

Antigen tests can detect current infection before an employee enters the workplace or returns to work. This type of screening is especially useful for employees who do not show any signs or symptoms, or have known exposure to COVID-19. It is also useful for workers at increased risk of exposure to COVID-19, like business travelers and those who work in crowded indoor spaces.

How Other Organizations are Navigating the Vaccine

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