Coronavirus: National Safety Council

Safety Leadership Perspective: Coronavirus Response

Lorraine M. Martin, NSC President and CEO

I wanted to personally reach out to you regarding the National Safety Council and the evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. At our core, safety is our mission, and you can count on NSC. As we have shared, NSC is working closely with partners, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other health-related organizations, to provide guidance on preparation and response to the evolving coronavirus outbreak.

I wanted to share my perspective on this. I am approaching this with a "be smart, be prepared and be respectful" mindset. As with any crisis response situation, people and organizations respond very differently. Panic and disrespectful behaviors lead to misinformed decisions and exclusionary attitudes. Creating a culture of transparency and openness for employees and members of the community so they feel empowered to report potential health issues without fear of reprisal or discrimination will help authorities control the spread more effectively. We all must do our part.

Being smart is following the data, listening to our health experts and executing an organizational risk assessment to assess your own situation. How you respond must be unique to your conditions.

Our mission is safety. We are committed to helping you address your unique needs. Proper preparation and smart decisions start with being informed and calm. This is our entire team's intention—to keep you safe, from the workplace to anyplace.

Lorraine M. Martin
President & CEO
National Safety Council

NSC Statements

NSC has released statements urging employers to assess their risk of exposure and ensure procedures are in place to effectively control transmission.