First Aid Equipment

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The National Safety Council offers a selection of lifesaving AEDs, response equipment, CPR manikins and more.

Are AEDs Available in Your Workplace?

About13% of workplace fatalities reported to OSHA are caused by sudden cardiac arrest, and 34% of organizations with an AED program have used their AED at least once to save a life.Nearly 60% of all cardiac arrests are witnessed. This means that someone is nearby to help.

  • The sooner a defibrillation shock, the greater the chance for full recovery
  • Survival rates are as high as 45% if defibrillation is provided within five to seven minutes
  • Few successful resuscitations happen after 10 minutes

NSC Offers Full Line of AEDs and Supplies

NSC is pleased to partner with two leading AED manufacturers — HeartSine and Philips — to provide you with a full line of AEDs and AED supplies.

AEDs are designed to be used by laypeople. It's not always easy to tell if a victim is in cardiac arrest, but innovative AED technology ensures a shock only will be administered when necessary. Knowing the appropriate action to take before paramedics arrive is crucial to saving a person in cardiac arrest. NSC courses are an excellent choice, whether you have a large company to train or just a handful of employees.

Training Equipment

NSC has the tools you need for your training classes, including:

  • Adult, child and infant training manikins
  • CPR face shields and lung bags
  • EpiPen trainers
  • Training packets 
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First Aid Response Equipment

NSC offers AEDs, AED training equipment, instructor kits, workbooks and more - everything needed to ensure your employees have the skills necessary to act in a medical emergency.

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  • AEDs in the Workplace Save Lives

    ​Paramedics can take eight to 12 minutes to arrive, but someone suffering sudden cardiac arrest needs help immediately. A bystander with access to an AED can greatly improve the chance of survival.

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