NSC Work Zone Technician Course - National Safety Council

New Edition Coming Early 2022

The one-day NSC Work Zone Technician Course helps participants:

  • Understand and develop safe temporary traffic control strategies to maximize work zone employee and road user safety
  • Minimize operational costs while fostering productive work environments that comply with relevant regulations

Participants will gain a full understanding of applicable regulations.
Planning, development and installation of temporary traffic control devices on public roadways requires the understanding of various local, state and federal regulations, which are explained in this course. The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), used as a reference during this course, is the U.S. national standard. The MUTCD states that anyone tasked with installation and maintenance of temporary traffic control devices should receive specific training. Attendees participate in tabletop exercises to practice setting up temporary work zones. No prerequisites.

Work Zone Technician Training

Who should attend this training?

  • Public and private utility company employees responsible for the installation, maintenance and replacement of public utilities along public roadways
  • All employees of local public agencies, state DOTs and federal DOT, whose responsibilities include design, maintenance or supervision of contractors that develop and construct the public roadways in their jurisdictions
  • Public agency employees who have responsibility for street/roadway construction and maintenance
  • Owners and operators of private roads open to public travel
  • Fire department personnel, police officers, emergency management personnel, hazmat company employees, towing and recovery company employees, emergency medical techs and all others who clear accidents and incidents from public roadways
  • Roadway and bridge contractor's employees working by contract to design, build, maintain or temporarily repair roads and bridges

Course Topics

  • Introduction and overview of the MUTCD
  • Rules and codes related to public roads
  • Legal requirements for local governments and public entities with regard to roadways and liability
  • Uniformity of traffic control signs and devices
  • Temporary traffic control for streets, roads, bridges and utility repairs
  • Developing plans for temporary traffic control zones, utilizing typical applications in the MUTCD Part 6
  • MUTCD Part 6 I: Roadway incident management

To learn more or request an onsite class call (770) 729-0077.

Temporary Traffic Control Design & Supervision Course

Based on the most current federal regulations and reviewed by leading industry experts, this 2-day course prepares work zone supervisors to interpret, adapt and implement traffic control plans. Based on real-world situations, participants are led through problem-solving exercises, using MUTCD and state guidelines.