Now Available: DDC Online 11th Edition

You can trust NSC to best train your drivers to avoid collisions, crashes, injuries or worse.  Having pioneered the nation’s first Defensive Driving Course (DDC) and having trained over 80 million drivers, NSC continues to be the most trusted name in defensive driving training in the country. 

NSC has just released its most advanced and engaging online defensive driving course, DDC Online 11th Edition. This new edition has modernized content, an entirely new look and feel and is more interactive. The best part: The cost is the same as the previous edition.

  • Structurally redesigned for participants to engage, apply and retain
  • A whole new look and feel, making the course even more user-friendly
  • Immersive engagement, not just slides and narration like so many other courses
  • Content adapts to who you are, how well you respond to the program
  • Simplified and streamlined to ensure each user understands all life-saving concepts
  • Enhanced Choice Theory principles, which motivate safer driver behavior
  • Best yet,  the price remains the same as our previous edition!
use this course to:
  • Train those who drive on behalf of your company (reduce liability)
  • Complete traffic court requirements (avoid moving violations)
  • Keep your family safer on the road (earn insurance discounts)
  • Educate your new teen driver to ensure they think defensively first
  • Simply learn to become a defensive driver

Interested in specific defensive driving topics? NSC offers 15-minute modules that focus on critical driver safety techniques around issues like speed, following distance and aggressive driving.  NSC also offers a distracted driving course online that helps participants learn about the science and societal impact of distracted driving.

Other helpful NSC Resources include understanding how new advanced safety vehicle technology can impact your driving, how best to avoid cell phone distracted driving to reduce the potential of a tragic incident, and how prescription medications may cause impairment.

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