Green Cross Safety Innovation Award

Schneider Wins Green Cross Innovation Award

In 2006, Schneider became the first large-scale employer to create a program that effectively and efficiently identifies drivers at risk for obstructive sleep apnea and gets them the critical treatment needed to improve their health and safety. Internal risk-analysis indicates fatigue-related incidents improved by 44%. Schneider recognized a 30% increase in retention above the fleet average for drivers being treated, and health care costs savings in excess of $300 per treated member per month.

Meet the Other Finalists

Accenture and Chevron
Accenture and Chevron collaborated to design a digital safeguard for crane operations, dubbed CraneTagz, to increase workers’ awareness of crane loads, improve the ability to locate field personnel and alert crane operators when workers are too close to a crane load. The CraneTagz badge produces audio and visual alerts when workers are in dangerous proximity to heavy machinery, including cranes and forklifts. The system uses precision technology that determines a worker's position with an accuracy of 6 inches, while using sensors to determine the position of crane loads.

The Dow Chemical Company

Operating with thousands of dangerous confined-space entries each year, Dow Chemical saw an opportunity to create a safer environment for their workforce. By introducing the Robotics Program globally in 2017, they have eliminated more than 3,000 confined-space entries and more than 37,000 exposure hours through their five robotics platforms. Dow expects to completely eliminate confined-space entries by 2025.


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