Green Cross for Safety Innovation Award Winner:
Brigham Health Sleep Matters Initiative

Award Sponsored by UPS

The Brigham Health Sleep Matters Initiative is dedicated to changing how Americans feel about sleep. An estimated 70% of Americans report they routinely get insufficient sleep, and up to 70 million Americans are living with a chronic sleep disorder.

Designed to address this epidemic of sleep deficiency in our nation, the Brigham Health Sleep Matters' education and sleep disorders screening programs have yielded long-term results. Firefighters who received the sleep-health education and sleep disorders screening program had 24% fewer injuries and used 46% fewer disability days than those who did not. Among employees of an insurance company who were treated for a previously unrecognized sleep disorder through the program, the prevalence of moderate to severe psychological distress was cut in half – from 32% at baseline to only 16% after a six-month follow-up period.

Consistently, more than one in three participants screens positive for an undiagnosed and untreated sleep disorder. If left untreated, these common sleep disorders increase the risk of accidents, injuries and long-term health consequences. Ensuring this program is widely available to employers across the nation as well as tailored for use in high schools, colleges and in the community, will help translate science into policy and encourage a widespread change in social norms – leading to better sleep for all.

Green Cross for Safety Innovation Award Finalists

Accenture Life Safety Solution
Tracking worker location during safety incidents and employee evacuations is a challenge, especially in industrial settings. The Accenture Life Safety Solution, developed by Accenture, was created in response to a client looking for a real-time "man-down" monitoring system. This wireless-enabled system includes a multi-gas detection system, manual and/or automatic notifications of safety events, and tracks the location of individuals when needed. The application also can be used with fatigue management and site security, as well as reduce overall response time to safety incidents.

The Boeing Company
Beginning with the development of the 787 Dreamliner, Boeing Research and Technology (BR&T) partnered with EHS to develop tools and processes using virtual reality technology where engineers, operations teams and other stakeholders participate in real-time interactive simulations of build processes and service tasks. These immersive design reviews allow teams to experience those tasks from the perspective of a production mechanic or airline maintenance mechanic and identify issues before they become a safety concern.

So far, the Boeing Company has deployed 11 virtual reality systems with three more installations planned for 2018. Through collaborations fostered by such immersive experiences, Boeing's design teams can identify and mitigate risks prior to the completion of the design phase.

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