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Fatigue Monitoring and Wearables

Wearable technologies have become increasingly popular, especially when it comes to personal fitness trackers. According to NIOSH, these same technologies can be used to monitor fatigue and other health issues in workers. Three common types of monitoring capabilities include electroencephalography (EEG) sensors to monitor brain activity relative to fatigue, monitoring for visual cues and microsleeps, and using sleep and activity data to calculate fatigue risk levels. 

Generally, these devices include accessories and clothing that incorporate advanced electronic technologies. As innovation continues, these devices are increasingly being used to monitor occupational safety and health risk factors, and have been shown to positively impact workers by keeping them safe.

Hazardous situations they mitigate:

According to the NSC 2020 Safety Technology in the Workplace Survey, workers in mining (56%) and utilities (51%) said wearable monitors used to track fatigue and health risks were the most relevant technologies in their industries for mitigating serious injuries and fatalities. 

Why it’s important: People often underestimate how vital adequate sleep is for their response time, mental acuity and physical condition. The use of fatigue monitoring and wearables can help mitigate the potential for injuries and fatalities in a number of different industries and for those who work long hours or night shifts.

According to Safety+Health magazine, workplace fatigue has several telltale symptoms, including: 

  • Difficulty focusing
  • Impaired memory
  • Impaired concentration
  • Greater distractibility 
  • Lack of muscle coordination

Featured Technology Report and Webinars

Wearables for Fatigue Monitoring looks at the use of wearables for fatigue management. It covers various use cases and shines light into the vendor landscape associated with fatigue monitoring wearables to provide education on the market and offerings. Download the report.

Fatigue in the Workplace webinar series explores several fatigue detection technologies and their ability to help save worker lives. Watch the webinars.

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