Check out the Making the Business Case for Safety Innovation white paper along with the NSC Work to Zero investment calculator, which allows companies to explore the value of eight key safety technologies – ranging from solutions for fatigue monitoring to autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for material handling – in saving lives and saving money.

Digital Readiness Assessment

Cover of Work to Zero Report

Our new online assessment and report, created in partnership with DEKRA, will help your organization advance in its readiness to implement safety technologies. Complete the Organizational Readiness Assessment for Safety Technology in the Workplace to determine your organization’s digital readiness level. Then, read the Determining Readiness for Safety Innovation and Industry 4.0 report to better understand the benefits of digital transformation and how your organization can progress to the next level. 

These free resources will introduce you to a five-phase model — observe, experiment, adopt, integrate and transform — designed to better equip your organization to implement technologies to save lives. 

Complete the assessment and download the full report to also learn about barriers to digital change, the importance of the human mindset and details on each phase of digital readiness.

Locate Relevant Safety Technology

Explore this Work to Zero tool to locate safety technologies, access research and more. Technology solutions are categorized by various hazardous situations with the potential to lead to fatalities. In about 5 minutes or less, you can identify the top hazardous situations and relevant technology solutions for your organization.

Your responses will also allow us to better understand the frequency of hazards encountered across industries, as well as the relevance of several situational and systemic factors related to the hazardous situations. 

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